It’s like a power play of sorts… Bryce Salvador, retired captain of the NJ Devils and Mike Vasalani, the winningest Strength Coach in NHL history, have reunited to provide a hockey performance program not yet available in the sport. With ice time being so limited for all, actual skills get secondary attention to positioning and plays. As a result, a hockey player can go from mite to midget without any real instruction. With subtle technical adjustments being differentiators at any level, most amateur players can go an entire career without someone showing him or her a better way to get the job done, never-mind getting enough repetitions during on-ice practice to master these techniques. Also, most “dry-land” and “off-ice” programs fail to break down the necessary physical elements in a way that elevates play and thwarts injury. Programs are run as basic strength and conditioning programs without understanding how making them hockey-specific could both prevent more injuries and improve skating and playing results.

xHockey Performance offers proprietary hockey skill development, strategic hockey-specific strength and conditioning coaching, in addition to the critical added focus on cognition and reaction training. This ground-breaking program is done at Ben Shear’s Athletic Edge. A performance coach to athletes in the NHL, PGA, NFL. NBA, MLS and the Olympics, his training center has been named one of the top Strength and Conditioning facilities in the country. In addition to some of the most progressive and high-tech strength training equipment in the industry, the facility has been masterfully outfitted by xHockey Products with the hockey world’s best training tools and technologies. Some of these include the “Total Game Changer,” which will develop quicker stick handling, while ensuring the player keeps their head up; the “Accunet," which will assist shooting accuracy, especially under pressure; the “Dangle Zone,” which will focus players on maintaining puck possession against an opponent; the “XHP Super Slide Board,” which promotes off-ice power moves that enhance on-ice skating speed, just to name a few. Capable of elevating ANY level of player, xHockey Performance offerings are broken down by age, season, team grouping and/or level.