xHockey Performance, in conjunction with the Athletic Edge Performance Center in Scotch Plains, NJ, is the only public facility (i.e. not a hospital or a university) to offer C3 Logix testing. Developed under the original sponsorship and guidance of the Cleveland Clinic, this concussion testing network is the most comprehensive available. It is a complete concussion management system for doctors, athletic trainers, coaches, parents and athletes. Able to assess all physical/neurological/cognitive performance measures associated with concussion deficits, this integrative system assists in proper diagnosis, optimal patient care and safe return-to-play guidelines. Post-incident reports are compared to the different baseline indications and then, given any deficits, patients are referred to local specialists for targeted help. For information on C3 Logix, click here. Call 908-322-2003 to schedule a baseline or post-incident appointment. (The latter must be performed by a medical doctor, so our onsite Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Jason Goncalves, is available for you.)