Bryce Salvador knew how to be an effective captain in the NHL. He understood how to break down all the important components of necessary performance, and he attacked each needed piece until he was competing on hockey’s highest stage for the Stanley Cup. Now, he has put together a program that breaks down the game into all the skills required to maximize play—not only things like passing, receiving, stick handling, shooting, but also elements like cognition, reaction, sports vision, multi-tasking… While these skills seem like they are the basics which any hockey player has been honing playing season after playing season, in actuality, they are the technical necessities that have been ignored tryout after tryout. At xHockey Performance, players can be taught the subtle-yet-crucial skills that will leave competitors in the dust.

In addition to age-specific group training during the Off-Season and Pre-Season, xHockey Performance also offers one-on-one, semi-private, and small group training. In this way, attention can be directed to individual needs that surround a person’s position or ability. Bryce has also ensured that the facility has every xHockey Products proprietary training tool and technology available. The “Radar Zone” allows players to attempt to improve shot speed, while the “Accunet” elevates shot accuracy. “Deviators,” “Passers,” “Sauce boxes,” the “Dangle Zone,” and the “Total Game Changer” are designed specifically to hone stick handling, decision-making, passing, etc. Having this kind of access to the best skills training and equipment allows players of any level to outperform even their highest expectations.

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