Many critical performance gains should be made during the off-season and pre-season.  It is the time that players can work on both physical and technical improvement that the grueling playing season often disallows.  Because we understand this, we have created an age-specific curriculum which begins as soon as tryouts end.  Comprehensive hockey performance sessions are based on a hockey skills curriculum, devised by former NHL captain, Bryce Salvador, and a hockey-specific strength and conditioning program, delivered by 5-time Eastern Conference Championship and 3-time Stanley Cup winner, NHL Strength Coach Mike Vasalani.  Bryce’s attention is on developing the skills that are ignored at any amateur level (completing crisp passes, receiving missiles, stick handling with precision and purpose, shooting at your target…), and Mike’s focus is on building a strong, balanced, agile, conditioned, powerful physical foundation that enables playing great, injury-free hockey.  

On top of these two technical and physical program mainstays, players are also taken through reaction, cognition, and sports vision enhancement training. This “multi-tasking” adds a whole other layer to performance training, as hockey is one of the fastest-paced sports with the quickest-changing demands.

Utilizing synthetic ice and the best xHockey Products available, the program is broken down into one-and a half hour sessions for 8-12, 13-15, and 16+ year olds. Parents are able to choose between 1, 2, 3, and 4-day programs, depending on personal schedule convenience. While In-Season performance training is designed to assist players maintain technical and strength gains during the rigors of their regular season, Off-Season and Pre-Season programs are optimally geared to helping players physically recover, technically progress and strategically peak before the new season begins and lines are established by new coaching staffs.