xHockeyProducts was founded by professional athletes who know what it takes to reach the highest levels of sport. We are passionate about the great game of hockey and strive to create awareness to grow it from a grass-roots level. As current and former players, we do not underestimate our role as ambassadors. Through interactive experiences our goals are for fans of the game to have fun and for players to be challenged; and through training products we genuinely wish to help athletes attain their full potential.


Athletic Edge operates around a philosophy and a practice: that improvement within the sport of hockey—no matter the level—will be attained when science and fitness are brought together with intelligence, purpose and strategy. This involves coordinated physical/technological analyses as a starting point, multi-dimensional program design as a road map, and detail-oriented assessments along the way.


Our xHockey Performance Team is excited to have CCM as partners in developing hockey players here in New Jersey.

CCM is positioned as the largest hockey equipment manufacturer in the world.