A team practices together and plays together. But unless the team also trains together, they may never know what their true potential could have been. With instruction on hockey-specific strength and conditioning (and skills training, when specified), xHockey Performance also gives teams a heightened level of camaraderie, competitiveness, confidence and team-building. Working together in this way gives a team an even greater sense of closeness and purpose. That translates into results once on the ice.

Outside club and high school coaches have direct access to our staff to help ensure that specific individual and group criteria are met. Convenient scheduling options are provided most days of the week. The cost for a team of up to 18 players to do an hour of hockey fitness is $350. For the addition of skills, sessions are 90-minutes and are $495 for up to 18 players. When teams need to split their hockey-specific fitness training, groups of 5-9 players are $45/player for 60 minutes.